Average Cost of Pet Insurance: 2021 Facts and Figures

Average Cost of Pet Insurance: 2021 Facts and Figures

The normal month-to-month cost of pet protection is $48.78 for canines and $29.16 for felines for plans that cover the two mishaps and diseases.


After acquiring cites from 11 of the biggest pet insurance agencies, we tracked down that the normal month-to-month cost of a pet protection plan goes from about $25 to $70 for canines and $10 to $40 for felines.

Normal pet protection costs

The amount you pay for pet protection shifts extraordinarily. Month-to-month expenses can go from as low as $10 to higher than $100, however, most pet proprietors can hope to pay somewhere in the range of $30 and $50 each month for an arrangement with nice inclusion.

Your pet’s age, species, and breed, just as where you live and the inclusion bundle you pick, all factor into your protection rates.

The normal expense of pet protection is higher for dogs — 60% more costly than cats for mishap and sickness strategies. More seasoned creatures and bigger creatures likewise face higher pet protection rates, as these gatherings will in general have the most medical problems.

The normal expense of pet protection for dogs has been expanding while the expense for cats changes. Rates have diminished by as much as 7.2% and expanded by up to 25.9% in the previous five years, contingent upon the kind of strategy.

The average cost of pet insurance for dogs

Across 11 of the top pet guarantors, the normal month-to-month expense for canine protection was $42.45.

We got rates for example canine profile from safety net providers’ online statement generators to track down the normal canine protection premium. For the example plan, we utilized:

  • $500 deductible
  • $5,000 yearly max
  • 80% repayment level

Indeed, even with similar boundaries for area, canine, and protection plans, safety net providers showed a scope of almost $50 across their arrangements. Accordingly, if you live someplace with costly veterinary expenses or own a physically issue inclined canine, you can anticipate that your monthly premium should be nearer to $70 than $25.


Also, you’ll pay a higher premium if you need more inclusion, or on the off chance that you decline the deductible or increment your repayment level.

The following are the statements for our example canine across all safety net providers:

Typical costs by dog breed

The expenses of month-to-month designs additionally shift as per the type of your canine. Utilizing the example plan above for a three-year-old solid male canine and a safety net provider illustrative of the normal expense, we tracked down the month-to-month premium for the five most regular canine varieties.

The average cost of treatments

In case you’re attempting to choose whether pet protection is great, you ought to think about the expense of medicines without protection. To assist you with figuring whether pet protection is a wise venture for you, we saw treatment costs for the best 10 canine and feline diseases.


As indicated by information dependent on normal cases from PetFirst holders, the most well-known canine medicines cost $252.75 by and large, while the most widely recognized feline medicines cost $266.79.


Remember that even a portion of the more normal issues, for example, treating parvo in little dogs, can be very costly — the normal case is more than $900. Moreover, genuine hardships like malignant growth are more extraordinary, yet treatment is also considerably more expensive — chemotherapy alone can cost $5,000 to $10,000.



Much of the time, paying for treatment cash-based for the most widely recognized canine and feline conditions is more affordable than the yearly expense of protection.

In any case, recall that protection is intended to help bring down the weight of the more costly and more uncommon afflictions and sicknesses, such as cracking an appendage or getting malignant growth.

In these cases, having protection will help bring down the monetary weight of an expensive methodology.



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