7 REASONS TO BAN ROYAL CANIN, Hill’s, Pro Plan , Virbac Cie

7 REASONS TO BAN ROYAL CANIN, Hill’s, Pro Plan , Virbac Cie


 not enough animal protein

with the fourth reason to ban these kibbles a high rate of carbohydrates a lot of cereals inevitably it does not remain anymore much place for the animal proteins I do not speak obviously all the vegetable proteins as found two inside I speak about the animal proteins that the carnivores are supposed to ingested that we find very often in tiny quantities in the kibbles whose order is 20 25 % and still I will not speak either about the quality of the animal proteins used of then kibbles since it would be to go further and we will not have the time and the most amusing in the history it is that when one asks an expert of one of its big brands to explain to us that he justifies such a disproportion in kibbles that are supposed to be for carnivores but that are mostly composed of cereals with a little bit of meat, the one that we turn very intelligently the question like a politician who took his speech by heart by saying that carnivores do not only need meat which is true and that cereals are there to bring complementary nutrients very well but why are they mainly composed of cereals? Maybe after all the wild dogs that eat corn or the tigers that carry around a doubled stem in their mouth, it really exists, we never know for dessert


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