7 REASONS TO BAN ROYAL CANIN, Hill’s, Pro Plan , Virbac Cie

7 REASONS TO BAN ROYAL CANIN, Hill’s, Pro Plan , Virbac Cie


 too many carbohydrates

namely a rate of carbohydrates much too high that says cereals says carbohydrates so it says a lot of cereals says a lot of carbohydrates the digestive system of carnivores can assimilate only a tiny amount of suicide or when we have fun to calculate the rate of carbohydrates present in the kibbles she is not our surprise when we fall on rates like 30% 40% to 45% for some kibbles it is also interesting to see that the only positive analysis of its kibbles are developed by laboratories or people sponsored by its kibbles there otherwise said level neutrality we will iron.

 It is easy to proclaim on television or radio that we are the best. it could be harmless it could all without laughing while drinking a beer and a stack as much in the back as bourrins if that does not involve deadly health problems like diabetes obesity pancreatitis these diseases which appeared but which increased at the same time as the democratization of the kibbles as by chance if ever one day crossed a tiger or a wild cat that has diabetes especially you tell me I question myself there is no problem in the meantime his fangs four that are touted by veterinarians are harmful or even deadly the perfect arguments to be able to claim aloud that its kibbles are indeed a super good quality always in the ingredients.


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