7 REASONS TO BAN ROYAL CANIN, Hill’s, Pro Plan , Virbac Cie

7 REASONS TO BAN ROYAL CANIN, Hill’s, Pro Plan , Virbac Cie


 Unsuitable composition

namely an unsuitable composition I specify that I address as well owner of cat as to the owners of dog when I affirm that all the ranges are composed of food which are unsuitable even harmful for the animals the most current example is obviously the staggering presence of cereals in the croquettes cereals.

Absolutely unsuitable and indigestible for cats and dogs who are carnivores, to draw a parallel, can you imagine a wild dog in the wild eating corn, or a tiger or a lion walking around with a wheat stalk in its mouth, or to go even further, can you imagine a rabbit eating a chopped steak, the answer is obviously no

why is it that we find an astronomical quantity of cereals in our kibbles?

I have the answer to your question obviously it costs less to make a kibble based on vegetable food than meat but when these cereals they are the majority components of these brands that boast to be upscale to be developed by experts in nutrition to meet the requirements of quality for the welfare of our animals the link is quickly made its brands all they want is to put in the pockets.  

but to say that a cat is a carnivore and a cat a string carnivore and then to sell croquettes which are mainly composed of cereals there is still a big contradiction I want to say it does not need more to understand that there is an angle under rock and conceived clearly of our mouth what brings me to the third reason


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